Wednesday, March 09, 2005

KIT Tropical Museum in Amsterdam

KIT mural listening, originally uploaded by Colby.

The KIT (Konnicklijke Instituut de Tropen) Tropical Museum in Amsterdam has a unique directive for bringing world culture into the lives of Dutch children. They do it in a research grounded, highly creative, interactive and experiental exhibition that requires the full participation of the children involved.

Yesterday, Jonathan Marks and I had the pleasure and opportunity (adults are not generally permitted to interfere) to sneak a peak into one of the children's performance experiences. The KIT children's team has invested 2 years in research, set and costume design, to bring the world of Iranian culture into a scenario where children learn about the depth of the culture through music, food, costumes, stories and art.

A visit to the museum is a must if you're in Amsterdam. They're also having an exhibition on Evil for adults.


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