Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Habbo Hotel Online Communities for Teens

"Habbo Hotel is one of the largest teen online communities with online hotels in 16 different countries. Each hotel is a virtual world for young people, a massively multiplayer online game where teenagers create their own virtual character and interact with other characters in the hotel."

Not only online...but soon on DVD. Once again, we have Finland paving the way for new ways of communicating, sharing and collaborating.

Habbo Hotel's will animate webisodes in a program called "Habbosodes". Sulake - producer and creator of Habbo - has challenged a selection of studios from around the world to create 15 of these 3-minute webisodes. These commissioned Habbosodes will be put on a DVD and distributed internationally.

What's fun is that members of these Habbo online communities will vote for the most popular vignettes. This new way of collaborating will get other media applications rolling.