Monday, February 11, 2008

Every Child Has a Thinking Style

A friend gave me this book to read because of our work with children. I enjoyed the way the author,
Lanna Nakone, presented the "why and how" of children's learning preferences.

Are you a parent looking for a deeper understanding of how your child approaches life and learning? Are you facing a particular challenge with your child? You might appreciate the insight from Lanna Nakone's 4 basic organizing types on how children face their challenges and reach their potential.

Basic profiles for the 4 organizing types:
Maintainers - mascot "The Penguin" - follow routines and are predictable.
Harmonizers - mascot "The Dog" - love company and harmony, collecting mementos from their experiences
Innovators - mascot "The Horse" - are unpredictable, focused in particular situations, and need freedom to cover wide spaces literally and figuratively
Prioritizers - mascot "The Lion" - are agile, quick to the chase and want to play master of their environment

Buy the book if you want to learn more.

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